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Default Acrosport Newsletters

All four volumes were given to me by Neil Sidders. I have started processing these into PDF format.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Vol 1.1 Facts and Information Acro Sport I. Flying and Landing Wire Tensions.

Vol 1.2 Wing Incidence Tool. Questions and Answers. Building Techniques. Use of Nuts and Bolts. Acro Sport I Flight Report.

Vol 1.3 Canopies for Acro Sports. Instrument Panels. Flange Shrinking. Weight and Balance. Info Approximate Engine Weights.

Vol 1.4 Technical Tips. Upper Wing Fittings. Landing Gear Fitting Gussets. Engine Notes. Cutting Tubing. Wing Rigging Tool. Notes on Aircraft Weight. Fitting Tubing. Bending Tubing. Marking Instruments with Aircraft Limits. Fuel Tank Notes. Cabane Info. Tie Down Ring.

Vol 1.5 Building Tips. Drag/Anti Drag Wire Drilling Tool. Horizontal Stab Brace. Bungee Cords. Stall Strips. Wing Rib Diagonals. Landing Gear Slide. Electrical Wire Sizing.

Vol 1.6 Aileron Spades. Builder Tips. Rib Stitch Spacing Tool. Fuel Tank Filler Tool To Prevent Overflows when fueling Cabane Insert. Acro Sports II Maneuver Entry Speeds. Spar Drilling. Other Drilling Tips. Engine Compression Testing. Engine Safety Cable. Tube Welding Gaps.

Vol 1.7 Building Shaped Brackets. Acro Sport Mishaps. Builder Tips. Flying/Landing Wires. Center Section Drag/Anti Drag Wires. Rudder Pedals. Prop Bolts. Rib Stitching. Plexiglass Shaping. Flying/Landing Wire Tension. Engine Safety Cable. Acro Sport Articles in Sport Aviation Magazine.

Vol 1.8 Aerobatic Assessment. The Flight Envelope

Vol 1.9 Hints and Tips for Builders. Toe In/Out. Leading Edge Aluminum. Posa Carb. Landing Gear Shock Strut Tubes. Bending Aluminum. Elevator Horn/Push Pull Tubes. Elevator/Rudder Hinges. Drag/Anti Drag Pull Blocks. Wheel Pant Attachment. Rudder Balance Cable. Hand Propping. Engine Hoses. The Turning Speed of your Starter. Glue Tests. Ski Installations. Flying the Acro Sport I.

Vol 1.10 Hints and Tips for Builders. Ailerons. Crossover Exhaust. O2 Detector. Engine Mount. Tubes in front Tubing Cluster Tubing Bender. Sensinech Propeller. Propeller Weights. Removing Fabric that's been glued to wood. Fuel Flow Testing. Proper Welding Tecniques.

Vol 1.11 Technical Tips. Gluing Gussets to Ribs. Using Staples for Gluing Gussets to Ribs. Fuel Tank Filler Height. Center Section Fuel Tank. Running Out of Fuel. Shock Cord Covers. The Art of Aluminum Welding.

Vol 1.12 Technical Tips. Flying/Landing Wires. Flying an Airplane on Trim Tab Alone. Cutting TubingAligning. The Acro Sport II. Wings. Cutting Fittings. Cutting Corners. Aluminum. Cabane Building Tips.

Vol 1.13 Hints and Tips from Builders. Rigging Notes. Antennas. Acro Sport I and II Specifications. Questions and Answers. Pitot Tube Info. Bellcrank Assembly. Drag/Anti Drag Wire Issues. Center Section Drag/Anti Drag Wires. Angle of Incidence. Elevator Horn Angle. Side Stringer Clips. Lengths. Stabilizer. Leading Edge. Tube Servo Trim Tab. Trailing Edge. Trim Tab Radius. Fin Support Detail. Bearing Assembly. Attach Bracket. Hinge Strap Detail. Using Six Cylinder Continental. Drilling Holes in Spars.

Vol 1.14 History of Acro Sport. Aircraft Builder Comment. Fore and Aft CG.

Vol 1.15 Spring Aluminum Gear.

Vol 2.16 Tips and Comments. Horizontal Stab Incidence. Tube Bending. Drilling Holes in Spars.

Vol 2.17 Spring Aluminum Gear.

Vol 2.18 Drag/Anti Drag Wires.

Vol 2.19 Maneuvering Speeds. Pressing Aileron Fitting Bearings.

Vol 2.20 Questions and Answers. Scott Tail Wheel. Brazing/Welding Rod Choice. Center Section Blocks. Tightening Aileron Bolts. Lord Mounts. Aileron Bellcrank Offset. Technical Tips Balance Tab Vs Servo Tab.

Vol 2.21 Index for Volumes 1-20. Technical Tips. Tail Incidence. Engine Mounts. Aileron Throws. Aileron Idler Tips. Pitot/Static Tubes. Tube Bending Fairleads.

Vol 2.22 Tips and Hints. Micro Putty. Hardware Info. Varnishing Wing Components. Maintainability and Accessibility. Making Windshield Frames. Baffle Installation. Technical Tips. Aileron Fittings. Using an Automotive Engine Stand as a rotating fixture.

Vol 2.23 Acro Sport Wing Work. Acro Sport II Modifications. Plexiglass Hints. Attaching Cowling to Nosebowl.

Vol 2.24 Low Cost Hydraulic Fitting Press. Drag Wires.

Vol 2.25 Technical Tips. Drag/Anti Drag Wire Tension. Strut Washers. Bottom View Windows. Side Windows Rearview Mirror.

Vol 2.26 Bending Tubing.

Vol 2.27 Builders Articles.

Vol 2.28 Technical Tips. Trim Tab. Small Parts Paint Holder. Wedge Washers.

Vol 2.29 Builders Articles.

Vol 2.30 Technical Tips. Cowling. Drag/Anti Drag Wires. Control Bearings. Control Stick. Ailerons.

Vol 2.31 Weight and Balance.

Vol 2.32/33 Rigging Wings. Flyers Report. Snaps. Technical Tips. Center Section Angle of Incidence.

Vol 2 34/35 Builders Articles.

Vol 3.36 Electrical System Diagrams.

Vol 3.37 Builder Articles.

Vol 3.38 Builders Articles.

Vol 3.39 Builders Articles.

Vol 3.40 Builders Articles.

Vol 3.41 Builders Articles Index for Volumes 1-40.

Vol 3.42 Outside Loops. Horsepower vs Aerodynamic Cleanup.

Vol 3.43 Rolling the Acro II. Building Tips. Sealing Ribs. Thrust Line. Posa Carburator.

Vol 3.44 Builders Articles.

Vol 3.45 Hammerhead Turns In the Acro Sport II. Wire Sizing for Homebuilt Aircraft.

Vol 3.46 Inverted Flying in the Acro II.

Vol 3.47 Spinning the Acro II. Aileron Bellcrank Modification. Aileron Stop Adjustment.

Vol 3.48 Preventing Loss of Brake Fluid During Aerobatics.

Vol 3.49 Builders Articles.

Vol 3.50 Propeller Selection for Light Aircraft. Builders Articles.

Vol 3.51 More About Propellers. Drag/Anti Drag Blocks.

Vol 3.52 Something's Gotta Give. Bungees. Builders Articles.

Vol 3.53 Builders Articles. Pitot/Static Calibration. Ground Loops in the Acro Sport II.

Vol 3.54 Rolling Turns in the Acro Sport II.

Vol 3.55 Builders Articles.

Vol 4.56 Tailslides in the Acro SportII. Adjustable Shock Strut. An Alternative for the KP4 Fafnir Bearing.

Vol 4.57 A Handy Rotating Jig (For Fuselage).

Vol 4.58 Builders Articles.

Vol 4.59 Hints and Tips. Wing Incidence. Caution on Fast Tail Slides. Flying Wire Exit Boots. Chord Line Verses Centerline.

Vol 4.60 Drilling Holes with Finesse and Accuracy. Tips on Spinners.

Vol 4.61 Other Passions Besides Flying? Wing Incidence. Locking Tail Wheels.

Vol 4.62 Windshields. Fuel System. Tid-Bits Part One.

Vol 4.63 Fuel System Tid-Bits Part Two. A Solution to a Covering Problem.

Vol 4.64 Builders Articles.

Vol 4.65 Forming Leading Edge Skin. Which Engine. Rigging the Center Section and Horizontal Stabilizer.

Vol 4.66 Spring Gear for the Acro Sport.

Vol 4.67 Builders Articles.

Vol 4.68 Stabilizer Hints and Learning Experience.

Vol 4.70 Builders Articles.

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When John gets the remaining two volumes of "The Acro Sport Newsletter" added to the site, all of these newsletters will be available to builders.

The newsletters were divided into four volumes for my own convenience but you may find it useful as well. Most of the Acro Sport I information is in the first volume. Like most newsletters that depend on builders for information there is a shortage of actual "How To" information in the early issues, but there are a lot of informative pictures. As I became involved with the Acro II, I began to write more of the "How To" type of article. Most of these are in volume 3&4. Don Baker wrote many articles on flying acro in the Acro II and most of those can be found in the third volume.

Throughout the newsletters there is a wealth of information that any builder can use.

This addition may well make this site the greatest single source of information for the Sport Biplane builder, if it isn't already.

Thanks John.

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The acrosport newsletter links were broken by the migration, along with the text formatting. I have just manually trawled through it the past hour, and fixed them.
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Default Posted News Letters

Thanks for posting the News Letters, Great Info and I got to see a few pictures of my plane (N6XL) under construction by the Mundelein High School. I have a few pictures but not of the ones posted in Issues 1,3,12,17

Don Crowe
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