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Originally Posted by IanJ View Post
Gary: looks like you're good with the TT22 and TN72. It's true that equipment for certified planes has more stringent requirements. For E-AB, you need a manufacturer's statement that their equipment meets the requirements, and you have it, both on their webpage, and in your email. Looks to me like you're covered.

Edit: it's easy to get confused in the marketplace right now, but equipment seems to be falling into these general categories (these are not official type designators, I'm just makin' 'em up):

Type 1: ADS-B Out that depends on you already having a good Mode C transponder, and provides its own WAAS GPS source

Type 2: ADS-B Out that replaces your transponder, but depends on you having a WAAS GPS installed

Type 3: ADS-B Out that replaces your transponder, and includes a built-in WAAS GPS

The uAvionix wingtip light offering falls into the first category, while the TT22 falls into the second. The Stratus ESG (which I just installed, and think well of) falls into the third.

I think that sums them up except...what I didnt realize is there is a lower standard for experimental aircraft. The only exclusions I could find were for gliders and planes without electrical systems, not experimental. But with some searching I also found ADS600-EXP (it is in and out for 1600) (there web site has a FAA compliance report). I am not sure the value of the in part though for me. We are putting in a MGL Discovery-Lite as well and it has a WAAS GPS (un-certified) as part of it, so only missing weather (Stratus?). Unlike others here, I need a transponder and am unwilling to buy an older unit and try to figure out how to mount it. If I didnt need a transponder, I could see the value of the other solutions presented here. Trig offers the fully compliant WAAS GPS for another 1800 or so (includes antenna). The Stratus ESG looks like a lot of mounting effort for me. I plan to mount (hide) the receivers in the wood turtle deck.


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Yeah, I wasn't consciously aware that E-AB had a different standard for the position source. But then, I've done all my research for the Champ, where I have to be in certified land, so I'm not surprised to find that I missed that detail. By the time my Charger is in need of avionics, ADS-B will have been the law of the land for half a decade, so I'll have lots of time to decide.
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