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I am trying to figure out which direction to clock my -5 Bendix servo on my 540 as far as which side to have the throttle and mixture arm. I want to order my throttle quadrants and this may affect which style quad. depending on if I need the cable to push or pull the levers. I'm going fixed pitch Catto so will likely have a verneer cable for the mixture and a single lever quad. for throttle. I am mainly concerned about the routing of the fuel line that goes from the servo up to the flow divider. I have seen some of the Harmon Rocket guys have the servo so the flow divider linefitting is on the top side and the fuel line runs up between two cylinders to the divider. Is this a common practice or would it be better to have the fitting on the bottom and run the fuel line aft, up the back side of the engine and then accross the top to the divider? My concern is all the heat the fuel line would encounter between the two cylinders. Maybe not a concern? How about running the fuel line forward in front of the cylinder? Maybe that would be better? Seems like it would be a shorter route than to the back of the engine.

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My IO-360-A1A is set up per the Lycoming IPC and shows the fuel line on top and routed through the cylinders. Mixture on left side, throttle on right.
Runs great.

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I am i the same boat as StinsonPilot
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yep same here. Barrett set up my fuel hose to go through the inter cylinder baffling between the cylinders as well. i also have a single throttle and vernier mixture cable, with throttle arm on right side, and mixture on left. mine is a silver hawk fuel injection system but.....
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On my IO-360 the fuel servo is forward facing and has a 90degree -4 fitting on the top, the line runs up between the number 1 and 3 cylinder and into a fitting on the flow divider. No problems at all.

I figure that the heat is mostly coming from the cylinder head cooling fins and the fuel hose runs between the barrels near the crank case.

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Excellent guys, thanks. I ended up ordering a couple quadrants from Baxter Quadrants. Single lever, non reversing for the throttle on the right side with the lever pointing down. Cable travel/lever pushedforward, throttle open. Verneer cable for mixture on the far left side.

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