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  1. Dspen
    Dspen n262ln
    Harry I live in southern VA, you can come look at mine if you like.
  2. Brian Bernier
    Brian Bernier dirtburner88
    Hello, I’m currently building a Jungster, would you happen to know what type of engine mount is on your Jungster? I’m curious if it was off a certified aircraft or custom made?
  3. Brandon Negrich
    Brandon Negrich EAGLE811SE
    I’m looking for an eagle
    Do you know of any ??

  4. luftwicker07
    Currently scratch building a Pitts S1SS
  5. ignacy
    pitts driver
  6. Dave Baxter
    Dave Baxter Beagle
    Quote: Beagle What do you think of an acroduster too as a first time project / first biplane?.

    I am unable to answer your post as they only allow 420 characters in this format. Dave
  7. Beagle
    Beagle Dave Baxter
    What do you think of an acroduster too as a first time project / first biplane.
  8. will moffitt
    will moffitt motosix
    I typed you a long message but then found out only 420 letters allowed.

    So I copy pasted to an email draft. Send me a note and I will forward it.

    Will 360 941 5623
  9. chris theodoridis
    chris theodoridis airplanegeek
    Hello, my name is chris theodoridis and I seen a post you put up about the acrodust on ebay. im in contact with the seller about purchasing the plane possibly next week. i would like to ask you a few questions if you wouldn't mind about acrodusters. thanks,
    I Love Airplanes !
  11. BeauxG
    BeauxG Lotahp1
    Saw your post about looking at the Acroduster in Temple, TX and would like to take you up on your offer to talk about the plane. Having never tried on a ADII for size, what can you tell me? I'm 6'2" and 225. If the cockpit is smaller than a SDII, that might be a deal breaker for me.

  12. WRM
    Just trying to keep the beast flying
  13. Mark Barrieault
    Mark Barrieault taildraggerpilot
    I’m stuck in Ardmore OK until the end of the month eorking a 737-700 delivery. If you still have them in September I will buy them should they measure out. Sorry for any inconvenience my inquiry may have caused.
  14. Ted Rich
    Ted Rich chicoduster
    Can you call me please 602-763-6827. I bought an Acroduster in Corona CA. I need some time in it before I fly it back to Phoenix. Not being a CFI is not a concern I just need a proficient pilot in type
  15. flyinlo
    It's almost September! Almost time to race biplanes!
    SPAIRINC Angie
    Hi Angie, what is the best way to “Search” within a Forum or just “ General Inquiry”?
    Ie: “Skybolt Peparation/Loading” for Surface Shipping within the US”....... instruction guidelines, tech tips, etc
    Thanks So Much!
  17. jetsareforkids
    jetsareforkids Admin
    Why is my post awaiting moderator approval?
  18. Mach2
    Mach2 smizo
    Smizo, do you still have the AS2 cad files available? I started S/N 2053 about 27 years ago before my first kid was born and just recently started building on it again. Appreciate all the pictures you've posted of your build, they've been very helpful in both motivating me to get back to work and in clarifying what it's supposed to look like when I get it right. Thanks Mike
  19. Guido Lepore
    Guido Lepore cgzro
    Also a local 225 lb guy has an 880 lb S-1 and is concerned about busting the 1150 gross weight, and the aft CG if he puts anything in the back. Your thoughts?
  20. Guido Lepore
    Guido Lepore cgzro
    Alternator, which model Plane Power did you use? I don’t need 70A, and the 60 is 2 lbs lighter.