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  1. Carlo
    Carlo pittss1flyer
    A Pitts S-1C!?!!?!?!? I need to come and see it!!!!!! :D
  2. Carlo
    Carlo pittss1flyer
    In any case, I'd like a lot to visit the club where you fly and talk with you and your friends. If you want, one day in August I can come and see you, I'd really like to make new friends in the Aviaton World. So again thank you very very much for the offer!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Carlo
    Carlo pittss1flyer
    Mauro di Biaggo, the pilot with which I did my first flight in the Pioneer 200, seeing my strong interest in aerobatics, reccomended it. Actually I already visited that school and talk with both Tommaso Marzetti and Eva Montori: it was the day I flew in the CAP-10 with Tommaso at the controls.
  4. Carlo
    Carlo pittss1flyer
    Talking about the training, I was thinking about the "AssoFly" flight school in Ravenna. (but who knows, I could change idea... never say never). But thank you very much for the offer!
  5. Carlo
    Carlo pittss1flyer
    I live in Este, a small town located along the Colli Euganei's southern rim.
  6. Carlo
  7. Carlo
    Carlo pittss1flyer
    Hi! I red your post on my profile but I have difficulties in writing a post in your profile. If you want I can send you my email!.

    P.S.: we can speak in italian if you like!
    1. pittss1flyer
      Carlo. Sono americano ma parlo un po’ l’italiano. Così tutti e due lingue vanno bene per me. Il mio indirizzo email è Scrivimi. Sono in Italia fine alla metà di agosto. Poi tornerò in ottobre per un mese o più.
      Jul 14, 2018 at 3:38 PM
    2. Carlo
      Hi! I've just send you my email... by email.
      Jul 14, 2018 at 6:12 PM
  8. pittss1flyer
    pittss1flyer Carlo
    Carlo. Where are you located? There is an aeroclub at Mezzana Bigli, south of Milano, near Pavia, which is very good for pilot training. I go there regularly. A Swiss group that I am part of at Locarno is building a Pitts S1C.
  9. Chuck
    Chuck wunnabe
    Jim, I am about to start a Steen canopy install on my Firebolt. Do you have time to answer some questions?
  10. gmatejcek
    gmatejcek fidot
    Glen Matejcek here. Will likely be able to participate with 2 peeps coming!
  11. wally
    wally Thomas Mabry
    Hi, I was wondering if you have flown a Pitts any at all? I have a Pitts S-1 with sparcraft wings it has an O-320 lyc 160 hp. O a, getting older and thinking I probably need to let it go to someone younger. It is hangared in north Mississippi. It is plain white and has about a hundred hours on it over to years. you can reach me at wallypop(at)hotmail

    Wally Knight
  12. Flying Ant
    Flying Ant PittsDriver68
    Hey Wes, have you tried to remove your rear mounted prop governor? I need to get mine off and wondering how hard it is before I attack it with tools.
  13. Chris McMillin
    Chris McMillin Larry Lyons
    Hey Larry,
    Do you know Gene Parsons? Do you have his email and phone number? Can you get me an introduction?
    Chris McMillin
  14. nitetwister
    nitetwister Angie
    Angie, please remove me (nitetwister) from the forum it appears some members are not happy with the name.. Sorry to cause a problem.
    1. Angie
      Why don't we just change your name slightly. And what type of "not happy" is happening?
      Jun 12, 2018
  15. BeauxG
    BeauxG freerangequark

    I'm considering a Charger for purchase and wanted to ask you what things I should be looking for on any planes I find. I know with Stardusters it's the engine mount length and main gear position and was wondering if there were any items on the Charger I should be looking for.


    Beaux Graham
    Austin, TX
    1. freerangequark
      Hi Beaux,
      Can you please contact me via PM or on Facebook?
      Jun 21, 2018
  16. Mark Barrieault
    Mark Barrieault Ted Rich
    Ted, Budd Davisson is located in Phoenix AZ not to far from you.
  17. Mark Barrieault
    Mark Barrieault Ted Rich
    Ted, As a suggestion, if you have not already done so, the very best thing you could do to prepare yourself for your trip would be to setup a few days with Budd. He has been familiar with the Steen SkyBolt for sometime and can replicate its fly characteristics with his Pitts S2A. There is no substation for good quality training.
  18. lepperly
    moved to van's airplane no longer biplane pilot
  19. Don Adamson
    Don Adamson
    Airplanes of all kinds
  20. Ryan Mactaggart
    Ryan Mactaggart
    Brantford ON, home of the Great One.