Skybolt MKII with two piece canopy

Skybolt MKII with two piece canopy

Skybolt MKII with two piece canopy
Skybolt MKII with two piece canopy
That is beautiful - I'm assuming you did that all yourself? Did you take the Steen Aero canopy and cut it, or is it totally custom?

My design is custom but based on the Steen Aero design. However, I cut the canopy and attached the front as you can see from the picture. The aft hinge part attaches to the sheet metal which doesn't require welding. I started with a canopy from Todd's canopies. You can see how I started on his web site. The sheet metal in the picture had to be changed since the cockpit hole was too big. Once I got it placed where I wanted I took some of the blue painters tape and laid down a fillet all around. I also put paper all around to protect the fuselage from any drips. I then made fiberglass & carbon pre-preg strips and started laying up the strips to make the canopy fillet. After curring, I removed the fiberglass fillet and began trimming and finishing. I could go on much more on this. If you are interested in doing this yourself I can send you some more pictures.

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