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2001 Pitts S2C Project (124hr TTSN)


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Aug 22, 2007
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2001 Pitts S2C - 124 Hrs TTSN. Mostly complete excluding firewall forward. $50,000 FIRM or consider S1S/E as part trade plus $15,000.

Cost to ship 40' container to West Coast USA is approx $4,500, Europe around the same and South Africa $6,400.

123.7 Hour Total on the airframe
Does have some damage history (water) but nothing structural, no wood rot – has been inspected by A&P

Log books included, data plate, CoA in Standard Category

Fuselage bead blasted and new powder coated (black)
Factory Smoke System - installed
Factory exhaust (including smoke injector pipes)
New cleveland wheels and brakes
New Weldon boost pump
Canopy in good condition - no cracks
Control system installed
New firewall
Avionics removed
All sheet metal sanded back ready for paint
New EI instrumentation
New Tach and ASI
New Aviat PTT handles
New throttle levers
New Black Hooker Ratchet Harnesses front and rear
New concorde RG25XC
New wheel pants
Nose bowl
New cowl louvers
New wheel pants
Flying wires
Pitot tube
Stall warning
etc etc

What it will need:

Altimeters front and rear
Probably the instrument panels stripped and coated (been stored for some time)
New wiring
Switches, breakers
New wiring (not a big job for a Pitts)
Some cowl sheet metal
Firewall forward


Cover removed and inspected
Some fittings removed and powdercoated

What they will need:

Hardware replaced
Remaining fittings removed and coated
1 aileron leading edge

It sounds like a lot of work but isnt really if you are motivated or have a good mechanic. Pictures give a good indication of what is required.

View 200 photos here:

(Engine and propeller not included)

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