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2017 Christen Eagle II For Sale


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Feb 1, 2007
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2017 Christen Eagle II. 330TTSN, Engine: JB Aircraft IO360 w/ 10:1 Pistons, Approx 170 TTSN. A&P owned, built, and maintained. All service bullitens and known Eagle problem areas were addressed during the build. Reinforced wing walk, solid drag/anti-drag blocks, wooden leading edges, Spades, lower longeron reinforcement done, landing gear radius blocks installed, carbon fiber cowling, 4 into 1 exhaust, Earthx battery, B&C alternator/regulator w/ over voltage protection, lightweight starter, MGL V6 comm, Sandia txponder, Fuel flow-totalizer, Uavionix ADSB in/out, 406mhz ELT, Dentair Sighting Device, cabin heat, heated seats, Stewart Systems fabric/paint. Custom features include: Ram Air inlet, oil cooler inlet, gear leg and cabane fairings, wing root fairings, Sam James wheel pants, cowling cooling improvements. Empty Weight 1045lbs at 89.5in. Prebuys welcome. Excellent documentation. Fresh Condition Inspection and propeller TDI included with sale. This is one of the newest Eagles in the world. I seriously doubt that you will find a better one for sale anywhere. Willing to export at buyer’s expense.

See the link in my signature for the build log.


Yes....its up for sale. Been toying with the idea for a while so I figured I'd put this out there and see what happens. I need some funds to get the Skyote finished up, plus..I might get a cool antique airplane to play with for a while. But, if it doesn't sell, it won't hurt my feelings.


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