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acro sport II on trade-a-plane


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Oct 27, 2017
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Does anybody have any information on this plane? If so, I would appreciate thoughts and/or a PM very much. Please send any critical comments to me via PM. I don't want to cause anyone hardship.

I have a partner who would like to get into a fun flyer with me. Since my Marquart isn't going to be done for a while, I'm thinking of this to bridge the gap. The mission is fun. Nobody is trying to win the world aerobatic championship. I have never flown an acrosport II.

I like the fact that somebody actually used this plane. There's another acro sport on barnstormers with a canopy, no open cockpit option, and main instruments in the front seat that looks like it just came out of phase 1. It looks to me like we would broil to death in a St. Louis summer under that canopy.

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