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Acro Sport II restoration project for sale $24,000-


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Apr 26, 2017
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1987 AC II N209JG- $25K. This plane could be flying in a matter of weeks- All parts come with the plane. NOTHING TO FABRICATE- this is a restoration that was in excellent shape- no accidents, no damage- the original builder sold the plane after flying off the time in Nevada and after getting ill back in 1987/88- it was sold and moved to Florida, then to Maryland then to New Jersey and now it is in Central Virginia. Lots of original documentation including SAW certificate and original logs come with it. No radio, no inverted system. New tires, new brakes, new brake lines, new oil and fuel lines- aircraft basically brought up to condition inspection status.
AC II.JPG DSC_0965.JPG DSC_0966.JPG DSC_0967.JPG DSC_0974.JPG DSC_0978.JPG DSC_0983.JPG DSC_0984.JPG DSC_0987.JPG DSC_0988.JPG
Original covering removed, all parts to be covered were inspected and recovered with Superflite IV June 2008. Control surfaces primed with Superflite. Certified O-360-A1D runs great, starts right up, all ! Engine shows 1930 since new and the engine log 30 hrs SMOH by Dick Waters/Don George (Orlando) at 1900 hrs back in 1987. Engine was properly preserved per Lyc SB, then recently run and preservation oil changed to Aeroshell W100 for regular running this summer.

Sheet metal stripped and then primed. ready for final paint. All steel parts final painted, including firewall and engine mount, N-struts, I-struts, etc.- small and large.

Ready for primer on wings and fuselage and final assembly. New flying wires. Solid airplane. Comes with complete set of original plans used to build the plane.

This aircraft was stored inside a finished basement for 10 years (wife was not very happy) before being moved to my maintenance hanger recently.

Lots of pictures available- this plane fits in a Penske truck with wings, tail feathers and prop removed.
Plenty of images available.

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