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Acroduster SA 750 For Sale


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Jun 21, 2010
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I'm selling my project because has gotten in the way of complete it. The aircraft is about 95% complete for flight. It does still require the front cockpit seat and flooring to be finished. Below is a list of the configuration. I have logbooks for the engine and prop plus my build log and pictures. The airplane needs the engine cowling and bodywork completed for the panels. I have composite tools that will go with it. I am asking 45K. Call or email Tony at 303-917-4804 or [email protected],com. For email please put SA750 in the subject line.
  • Plans built fuselage, wings, horizontal, elevator, ailerons and rudder. All control surfaces balanced.
  • Wings and ailerons covered using Stewart Systems and Ceconite 101 fabric
  • Stewart Systems water based paint.
  • Modified Aileron hinge brackets 7075-T6 with bearings
  • 4130 and aluminum spades
  • IO-540-G1D5 rebuilt with logbooks.
  • Raven Inverted Oil System
  • Hatzell HC-C3YR-1A composite prop Blade #C7690 with logbook
  • Accumulator
  • Governor
  • Inspected 02/2019
  • Carbon Fiber Spinner and bulkhead
  • Advanced Flight system 5500
  • Engine monitor
  • AOA
  • G Meter
  • Remote operated transponder and comm
  • Dynon SV-XPNDR-261 2020 compliant
  • 2020 compliant GPS antenna
  • Trutrak Comm
  • 35-gal fuel tank
  • Artex 406 ELT
  • Grove gun drilled aluminum landing gear.
  • Grove Magnesium 6x6 wheels and brakes with tires
  • Grove park brake valve
  • Aviation Products Inc 10° heavy duty tail wheel with solid 5/8 round spring.
  • Advanced Aircraft Electronics High Gain VHF-5 Antenna
  • Advanced Aircraft Electronics High Gain L2 Antenna
  • Aveo Engineering Powerburst wingtip lights
  • LED landing light.
  • G3I electronic ignition.
  • Carbon Fiber side and belly panels.
  • Brunton flying wire set for wings and tail.
  • Electrical checkout complete requires fuel calibration.
  • Engine ground tests completed.
  • Slide and tilt back quick remove canopy structure requires new canopy.


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