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AcroSport II For Sale


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Sep 7, 2009
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So my buddy is selling his AcroSport II. he only had it for a few months but thats how it goes with him. he moves airplanes. buys and sells a few a year. ive flown this airplane, and gave it a once over during its condition inspection. its starting to show its age slightly but its a good solid aircraft, well built airframe! it was built in 83, and some things show that but mechanically its a sound airframe. we added brakes to the front, and took the huge brake reservoir out. replaced with grove units on the master cylinders. also added an airspeed indicator to the front. flies straight, ailerons all in trail perfectly. compressions all in the mid 70s. very low time engine, i believe it was overhauled in 08. only bad part is the hartzel A hub prop. removing that and installing a catto would be great for this airplane. no inverted anything except flop tube. we just did the condition inspection in april. if theres any questions i can answer them or contact Tom.

ACROSPORT II W FRESH 0360 • $32,000 • AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SALE • 105 TTAF 32 SMOH on Lycoming 0360 A1A Poplar Grove Airmotive New Limit OH. New Cylinders, pistons Rings, mags, harness, motor mounts, SS exhaust. 5 point belt in back, 4 point in front. Rudder pedals, brakes, throttle and mix up front. NICE and clean frame. Fabric excellent shape. Clevland wheels and brakes. New matco tailwheel, connectors and tailwheel spring. Hartzel CS Prop. Hub AD inspected and yellow tagged. Firewall forward clean and dry. Looking to Make a deal. Clean title, turn key plane. 26 Gal tank. • Contact Thomas Malinchak - MALINCHAK AIRCRAFT, LLC, Owner - located Factoryville, PA USA • Telephone: 570 267-6511 . • Posted June 2, 2013


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