AcroSport II rebuild - Parts for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by jbrinker, Nov 6, 2018.

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    Rebuilding my grandfather's 1992 acrosport II. I'm working with Chris (of the AS2S fame) on the rebuild, and will probably have a variety of stuff for sale. All prices plus shipping and/or pickup.

    To start:
    - Complete aluminum turtledeck, per standard plans, complete with front hinged and latched door
    - Christen 844 wobble pump, worked when removed
    - Complete front cowling sheet metal for the standard nosebowl and "chipmunk" style doors. Good shape.
    - Sliding canopy (never installed) - Make offer

    Possible for sale (undecided/not there yet)
    - Mechanical tach with tach time, includes cable and fittings, 3.5"
    - Mechanical oil pressure gauge 0-120psi, 2", with fittings
    - Standard amp metere (+- 30A) with shunt and connectors
    - Single probe electronic EGT/CHT (have to get brand/model)
    - 3.5" Combo manifold pressure/Fuel Flow
    - Leaf spring tailwheel assembly (Matco I think)
    - Brake cylinders and master cylinder
    - Possibly two engine oil coolers (Stewart Warner, 8 row I think)

    More info and pics will be posted 11/9 - PM me with any specific questions and I will get the info.
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