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AirPark Living QOL


Aerobat, Hawk-XP, Lancair Super-ES, Smith MiniPL
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Dec 8, 2010
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Orlando, Florida
Live and play in North Central Florida near the South's equestrian Capitol, Ocala.

A common problem with residing in an air-park seems to be that a spouse often gets dragged along into living the dream of the other without any interest in aviation other than seeing the money come and go. For those of you who share an interest in living in rural America and enjoying the outdoors, horses or other agriculture activities-we've brought it all together.

Living in the gated community we share a 25 year old, 2,650' Grass Strip that's irrigated, rolled, and lighted with 20 neighbors. All taxiways are paved and serve the residents for bike riding and jogging. We don't wait for the weekend to to gather around a fire pit and share our stories and make up new ones. Current birds roosting here are 4 Cubs, 2 Van's RVs, Jungman, Jungmeister, Acrosport I, Pitts S1-C, C-180, C-182, C-150 (2), Stearmam, Debonair, L-19 Bird-dog, Spacewalker, Pietenpole, and a Smith Miniplane.

Those of us on the West side enjoy direct property access to 2,200 acres of division of forestry land. it's managed for equestrian trail riding, hiking, improved site camping, and wildlife management.

The only home being offerred is on 6.25 acres. The Main house is 2,300sf and the guest house is 2,000sf and there is a hanger. The home and property is for sale by owner. Feel free to call or PM me for a brochure.

Our annual BBQ and fly-in is February 16 this year. Last year we had 125 airplanes flockto 5FL7. Come see for yourself. www.twelveoaksairestates.com

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