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Another bolt question - elevator tab


Feb 20, 2008
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I'm going through my Bolt and fixing a few items the builder did wrong(exchanging clevis bolts for pins in the pushrods, for example).

Onsheet 11 of the plans, I learned I have the 'alternate' pushrod end, with the welded plate in place of the bushing. During the annual, we found a locking bolt holding the rear elevator pushrod to the elevator horns, necessitating a change in the bolt from locker to a drilled bolt/castlated nut/cotter pins. There isn't any info on the plans about what type of bolt to use for the alternate design.

There is very little room for a bolt (or a hand!) in there, andwith full aft elevator, the horngets close to the tailpost, so I'm limitedinbolt size or else it may bind.

I'veinstalled an AN4-5 bolt and it fits well at full aft elevator, but the shank is a bit short, soone elevator tab rides on the threads.

Anysuggestions on what to do here?


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