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Another gear question

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Sep 28, 2007
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I know from reading posts people are about 50/50 on spring gear. On our start up project we have decided to use it. My question to all of you that are smarter than I is as follows.
I have the modification plans from Grove and called to discuss with them about changes before we build. The plans are drawn to modify and existing airframe. They have bushing mounted inside the lower longerons for the gear. They recommended in a clean build that use Steens suggestion of doubling lower long. back to sta. 34 (3/4 pipe inside). Drilling through lower longeron to install gear mount bushings and finishing with 7/8 id tube cut in half and welded to the outside of lower long approx 4-8 inches long where the bushings go through. Slightly moving diagonals to clear bushings & bolts. They said this would be much stronger. Not being an engineer and not wanting to reinvent the wheel I though I would put it out there for discussion ???


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