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Article Submissions


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Jan 1, 2006
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Hi all. As many of you already know from reading the forum, the EAA have expressed an interest in utilizing us as a source for 'How To' articles with the possibility of them being printed in EAA print publications.

We have set up a review process, where you, asforum members are encouraged to submit an article. Your article will be reviewed by a small collective offorum members. It is important to note that the intention of this process is notto question anyone's prospective work, but to simply ensure that content is:

- accurate


- is not plane-type-specific [appeals to a broader audience]

Successful submissions will be fine-tuned where/if needed, thenreturned to the author for approval before we formally submit to the EAA.

Finalizedsubmissions that do not make it past the EAA's own process for publication will be posted in the Handy Resources section of the forum for us all to learn from.

Articles that go to print will bepublished in the Handy Resources section after EAA publication.

EAA article discussion can be found here:


<DIV align=center>Please note
<DIV align=center>
<DIV align=center>You do not have to be a veteran plane builder, or have an MA in literature to pen an article. For example, you may have skills and experience in a specific area of a build. We can if need be, fine tune your article.
<DIV align=center>
<DIV align=center>To submit an article, pleasesend to:

<DIV style="FONT-SIZE: 18px" align=center>

Finally, before diving for your pen, please let us know what you are thinking of writing about. We may be able to give you pointers as to what subject area best to focus upon.

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