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Canopy Skirt-Fibreglass


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Aug 29, 2006
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I am up to that point where I want to build a skirt around the base of the canopy. I bought a premade canopy skirt from Steen, butit was useless. Couldnt even cut in up topiece it in. So,my hair brained scheme now is to use 3m b/a epoxy to attach the fibreglass(using 8.7 oz on a roll, 3 inches wide with edges selvedge). Once cured, start with wetting the epoxy to conform to the combing. To protect thecombing and to provide for a release, I amcontemplating using wax paper over some mylarstatic film that I have accuulated. Then to finish it off, use some deck cloth and more epoxy.
I have also given thought toskipping the adhesive and just use the epoxy as the adhesive, but not sure if that is such a great idea. How does epoxy resin marry to plexiglass? I know the peel resistence of the 3m on plex is very high, but not sure about resin.

So, once again I am out of my realm . . . unless it has C,Fe,orAl in the mix, I amtreading new ground. Jim W no doubt willhave somemore good ideas. Jim?

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