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Complimenting folks on this forum

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Oct 20, 2018
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Cameron Park, Ca.
I follow two forums on the internet, this one, and the Piper Comanche forum (Delphi Forums Login). I also have owned a Piper PA 30 twin Comanche for past the 25 years. Recently, not on this forum I was astounded that folks flying certified aircraft were less concerned with following the rules then those flying experimental's. There was an issue that came up about using air filters from the auto parts store rather than buying approved parts for these certified aircraft. It appeared that the issue was cost. Yes, the certified part was more expensive, but I pointed out that if an accident were to occur their insurance may be invalided and they may be violated for knowing use of un-approved parts (besides possibly getting killed in the process).

I was barraged with comments that it was perfectly legal because in the Piper parts manual also gave a part number of an alternate filter that was no longer made that if dug far enough, they were kind of the same. Then I was told that under AC 23 - 27 you could use anything because the aircraft was old (Piper still sells air filters for this aircraft along with other aircraft suppliers supplying STC'ed units) Then the excuse was that air filters were a standard part, (the air filter they were touting to use was for a 1958 Desota sedan). I believe that a standard aircraft part is akin to bolts, nuts, washers Adel clamps etc. not a specific part that fits one make and model of aircraft from an automobile.

Anyway, what brought this comment to this forum was somebody was looking for an alternate oil filter due to current un-availability of certified filters, But they were VERY CLEAR it was for an EXPERMENTAL aircraft. I have seen where folks have spent hundreds of dollars to purchase a factory part for a certified model where a much less costly part was available for the same model experimental. I have to applaud many of the folks on this forum that go much farther than required to follow industry guidelines even when not required, for the safety of the pilot, passengers and the folks on the ground we fly above. The people on this forum act like professionals and those that are not, question the correct way to safely complete a task from others who are.
Sorry for the ramble, Phil
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