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Considering a FL Skybolt


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Aug 18, 2006
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Hi, All -

In my last communication with the Biplane Forum, I was optimistic about picking up my lagging Firebolt Project and getting cracking at building wings.

Something happened these past couple of weeks and I've taken a 180-degree turn. I am now putting my Firebolt project up for sale (ad forthcoming) and actively seeking a flying Skybolt with an IO-360.

Sometimes you just have to cut your losses. I did not see the project happening but I've seen plenty of friends pass away recently or have to leave flying due to medical and financial reasons. I still have my health and old age hasn't crept up too close, and I suddenly felt that maybe I was not cut out to be a builder...a maintainer, yes, but maybe not a builder. And I do love to fly...

I also found that there are examples of Skybolts on the market right now that would cost me less than finishing my project. That was probably the tipping point...that, and I could be flying very soon:)

So...I have my eyes on a Skybolt in Panama City FL. I just flew it this morning (this was my first Skybolt ride...you always remember those, don't you??). I loved it. I am hooked. However, it wasn't perfect and I still feel I'd like an experienced set of eyes to go over the plane. I wanted to bring an experienced IA with me but it did not work out.

So...I am wondering if we have any members who are flying and/or building in this area...someone who might be willing to take a look at this aircraft for me at their leisure? I'm looking for smoking guns, deal stoppers, not cosmetic comments. I thought the plane flew straight, trimmed hands-off, and the engine sounded strong and even. The plane is cosmetically a little tired (though still HOT on the ramp) and there are scuffs and ringworm in the paint. It is on Grove gear and has the single 28-gal tank. It first flew in 1996 and is currently flying an engine overhauled in 2001, with ~300 hours.

If anyone in BiplaneForumLand could help me out, I would be very much obliged. Please PM me if you have any ideas.

Thanks, all, and thanks especially to Randy for taking a hard (electronic) look at this plane for me.


PS. The plane includes an uninstalled canopy, new in the box from Steen. I am interested in having it installed prior to undertaking the cross-country flight back to San Diego. Any suggestions from the membership for resources to do this, local to the FL Panhandle?Edited by: CKeller

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