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Covering Hints and Tips


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Sep 1, 2006
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Noticed we don't have a thread of general hints and tips, how-tos, or time savers for covering. I'm sure that there are lots of hints or favorite ways out there that can be useful for everyone.

I'll get it started and we can just see where this goes----BUT---let's not descend into a "use-this-covering-system-over-that-one" thread. Just generic tips if you will.....

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(1) RTFM!
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Read the freakin' manual! Almost all of the covering systems have a specific manual for their method. Read it from cover to cover before you even start thinking about the covering job. Even if you have covered 3 or 4 planes in the past---read it again. You'd be surprised what you have forgotten---and what you may learn again.

Also---don't hesitate to read the manual for other covering systems. They all are very similar, but one might have some simpler way of explaining something that another. You never know where you may find the hint you need to make your task easier.</BLOCKQUOTE></BLOCKQUOTE>

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