Custom Harnesses


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Jan 1, 2006
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This is a great resource-post from another thread, I copied it here for easier referencing:

Alan Silver at silver parachute sales. He has an online form that you can take measurements to add the straps. It isn't TSO'd but it is very very high quality. You can choose any color combo you want and you can add ratchets as well. I chose to add two ratchets and he obliged very willingly. check it out at
You may also add which ever fuse attach point you would like. For instance I had to fuse attach point already welded for my lap belt that accepted bolts. So i I ordered those type of end fittings. as for my crotch belt I just used the seat and had Alan just add a cinch fitting so the strap could wrap around the seat tube instead of an attach with a bolt. Just some options for those who haven't bought belts yet. Alan is a great guy and will talk to you about every aspect as the order is taken. They are also very reasonably priced at $315 as a start with a ratchet. I have one and love it.