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Drag/antidrag wires, stainless and light weight


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Feb 27, 2008
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Hi biplane builders

In addition to our scale streamline flying wires we are able to produce
light weight stainless tie rods. Our scale flying wire rolling die
machine will be set up for this in the next weeks to produce wires for
our Hatz biplane. We are manufacturing the tie rods from AISI 316L
stainless steel with left- and righthand rolled UNF 10-32 threads.
Nominal lenght of the wire including threads will be 40", but can be
made different if required. The tie rods feature a 1/8" square section
between the threaded ends, which yields in a 40% weight reduction (or
about 3 Lbs) compared to round 3/16" dia steel rods for one Hatz wing
set. See sample on our website www.aeroplaneworks.ch

The min rated load of 2100 lbs is statically tested (each wire to be
tested) and meets the same strength as AN 703 round tie rods.

We would like to know if anybody is interested in a set of tie rods. Price depends on number of wires produced in a row .

Please ask for quote at: [email protected]

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