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EAA Biplane Project


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Sep 1, 2006
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I've got a good buddy here in Albany Ga that has an EAA Biplane P-2 rebuilder that he has no time to work on anymore.

Its a complete airframe----everything except engine/prop/instruments/brakes.

Matt has rebuilt 2 wings completely, has a 3rd ready to reinstall the hardware, and has the other wing and center section in storage (the ones in storage are in very good shape, really just need cleaning up, reprime and paint metal parts and replace hardware----this is what Matt has done to the others---and they are in excellent shape)

Fuselage has not been touched---has a couple of tubes that need to be repaired/replaced, but overall it looks to be in very good condition. He has taken fabric off parts of the elevators, rudder, etc.... to just get a look at the tubing-----it appears to have almost 0 corrosion on it (I was really suprised to see how good this tubing looks under the fabric!)

Plane had an O-320 on it---so the fiberglass cowl, etc.... are sized for a -320. It all looks really good----I'd guess that 90% of the cowling could be re-used with minimal "fixing". It's a good loo

He has all the flying wires, etc....

He has the registration, airworthiness, bills of sale, operating limitations, etc...but not the actual log books....

The story on the plane---as we've been able to verify----was built in late 60's or 70's-----flew for a number of years----eventually was bought by a fellow that removed the engine, etc... and resold those parts----then was used as a "display" plane hanging in a bar/restaurant for a number of years. The hanging and removal from the bar/rest.. is the source for a couple of bent or broken fuselage tubes (will be VERY easy to repair/replace)....no other damage history has been found.....nor does the plane show any evidence of an old boo-boo....

Guys------if I had the $$ just sitting around to grab it, I'd never let this one leave our airport! I've got tooo many projects between work/kids/family/Starduster/Rans/BK/Scouting/etc......... to add another, but If I could convince the wife, I'd grab this one!!!

He only wants what he paid for it---$2000........and that's a firm price. He just wants to get it gone, not give it away....

I'm trying to get some pics of it (Matt just called me a few minutes ago to ask me to help him sell it) and will post them here as soon as I can.

Email me for more info---- marlhalbrook"at"yahoo"dot"com
or call Matt at 229-881-1213 (he has his phone with him almost all the time---if he doesn't answer, leave a message, he's a veterinarian and is often not able to answer right away---but he will call back as soon as he can)


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Nov 10, 2006
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Monroe, Louisiana
Sounds like a great deal. I'm not sure if you could buy a set of flying wires for some planes for $2G. If someone is on the fence, here's a place to jump off.

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