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Eagle 2 project for sale very complete

Jul 14, 2014
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I have an eagle project that I have been working on for about a year, I bought a flying airplane and am having too much fun to get anything done on the project.

1: All steel has fresh epoxy powder coat and new nut plates.
2: Interior panels (approx 13pc including panel) are very a subtle white carbon fiber look hydrographic print (elegant and clean not cheese, but almost too subtle)
Custom texallium floor boards (9lb savings)
3: Aviation products rod type tailwheel assembly new
4: thick gun drilled gear new
5: IO360A1D 750since new in 79 370 since Iran
6: gear mount, tank mount longeron, and fill cap relocation mods done
7: extra gear, extra rudder
8: all sheet metal included and stripped to bare aliminum
9: Benny davis s2c style aileron kits untouched (no hinges)
10: wings need full restoration, wing tip pieces were water damaged, spars good, a few ribs need replacing etc. New wood for restoration is included but not leading edges.
Extra set of damaged lower wings included from another aircraft for parts.
11: all avionics and gauges included and in great shape
12: fabric envelope kit new and made for squared wing tips(can do either tip style with it)
13: Aprox 1/3 of covering and paint chemicals included
14: MTV-12 3 blade composite prop with 30smoh or hartzel B hub 180 hours smoh--negotiable
15: new tires,brake pads. And brake seals
16: all flying wires, new clevises. (One flying wire needs replacing is bent)
17:cowl in decent shape but will need a little fiberglass tlc, possible water damage bubbling on top surface only.
18: one good wheel pant and one damaged one.
19: 30% of the control circuit rod ends ($70-$130ea) are new, the others were inspected and greased.
20: canopy and frame in good shape with one tiny stop drilled crack

21: all manuals and an abundance of new hardware.

I will add more detail and pics in the feed over the next few days.

It's a great package and a great head start on a top notch restoration.
30-37k depending on prop/gear combo. Ken 775-336-8656 located in Reno NV
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