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Fabric Pro Iron

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Jan 6, 2010
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Midland Ontario Canada
I've been using my PID controlled iron since 2016, no problems, works perfect.


I am in a time crunch and couldn't find the iron then remembered, I lent it out.
In a panic because I have to get the job done I ordered the Fabric Pro Iron from ACS.
It came next day so all good. It seems to work well, adjustment is slower and tedious compared to mine but ok.
The way the cord comes out the back it doesn't want to stand up, so I taped the cord to the handle, that worked.

But I have a question if anyone else has one.
It comes with a pad to set it on instead of standing it up.
The pad looks like silicone to me.
Having painted for years, silicone contamination is a huge red flag to me, so I haven't used the pad.

Has anyone used the pad, or verified it's not silicone?

At my brothers factory, no one is allowed in the building if wearing one of those "cool" silicone bracelets!

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