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Ferry Services ($300/day)


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Feb 25, 2019
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Boulder, Colorado
Boulder Pilot, LLC




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Hey all, with the current situation, my business is shut down and I'm just wrenching away on my Skybolt and ferrying planes around in the meantime. 2-3 ferries per month so far and it has been a wonderful experience. I hope it's okay to make my services available here with this post.

A lot of folks are looking to ferry planes during these times, but most don't fly as often or as varied and demanding of aircraft as I do. I'm not qualified to fly everything, but I feel I am competent and qualified to fly a very large envelope of small single engine aircraft. I fly every day that weather allows either at work or in my own planes. Often winding down from flying all day at work with the Skybolt or even putting around in my 150. The COVID-19 crisis has certainly not had me grounded: 105 hours last 90 days and 28 hours last 30 days.

My next trip is an L4 from Colorado to Seattle, end of the month, followed by a Laser 200 early to mid May from California to Chicago area. Easy invoicing through Square. See my website.

Brooks Mershon
FAA 4034486
EAA 1271516
  • CFI-G, Commercial ASEL/GLIDER, Instrument ASEL
  • 1,040+ Total Time
  • 400+ Tailwheel
  • 510+ hours last 12 months
  • 100+ hours last 90 days
  • 300 hours previously owned RV-6
  • Currently own Skybolt 540, campaigning through Sportsman
  • 875+ PIC glider landings
  • Experienced commercial glider and tow pilot (Boulder, CO)
    • Schweizer 2-32
    • Super Cub (180hp),
    • Pawnee 260hp
  • First Class Medical (March, 2020)
  • 26 Male, 152lbs, 5' 8"

Expect $300 per day plus expenses, with easy and transparent invoicing through Square.

720 933 1079
[email protected]

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