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Flying wire source in N.Z.


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Jun 20, 2008
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One day a Pitts 12

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<DIV style="OVERFLOW: auto" ="msg">Ok, here are the details for the NZ manufacturer, if a moderator wants to seperate it ou or shift the information let me know and I can also repost it in a more appropriate area as well.

Russ Ward
[email protected]
Ph - 0064 21 116 1965 (this is a mobile number so email is probably easier, already has country code attached)

Here are the specs of what he provides;

Flying wires - Carbon steel or Stainless Steel to AN(671-676) or AGS (320-326)
Tie Rods - Carbon or Stainless AN(701-706) or AGS (307-313)
Clevis fittings - Carbon or Stainless to AN665, BS SP3 or AGS spec.

He can also do testing and recerts for older assemblies.

Russ is a New Zealander who has spent a lot of his life in the US, he is a real aviation enthusiast and has many aircraft himself from a couple of Travel Air's through to Stampe's and a Beech 18. He has spent considerable time and money to develop this tooling with no real intention of recouping that cost, he just wanted to make available another option for folks as he could see that there was potential for the likes of Bruntons to stop manufacturing due to low demand and increasing overheads.

Hope that helps, I would be interested to here from anyone that contacts Russ for a quote against Bruntons as I have not heard his pricing in comparison.


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