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FOR SALE: PJ 295 restored 2007


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May 22, 2021
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My neighbor is selling his beautiful PJ 295 that he originally built in 1971, and restored in 2007. I made a video about his airplane on my YouTube channel. Please note that I have nothing to do with the sale of this plane. I just made a video for him to help him sell it since he "up there" in age and is not on the internet. He is asking $40,000 which I think is a steal!

Here is a link to the video with all the info about his plane. Note that his contact info is in the description box of the video.




Feb 28, 2011
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Technically that is a Senior Aero Sport, the two seat version of the original PJ260. I got to see Rod Jocelyn fly airshows in the prototype PJ and the number two airplane. Also visited Nick D'Appuzo at his shop at the long ago closed Turner Field. We used to visit Ed Mahler when he was building his PJ and saw him fly many shows. Ed was killed in that airplane at the press day for an airshow on Long Island in Sep 1977.
I welded the fuselage for a Senior Aero Sport which I think is still active in Tucson area. The second owner of that airplane was L. Paul Soucy.
Nick designed the PJ for Lindsey Parsons and Rod Jocelyn who were co owners of the prototype as well as #2. Jocelyn won the aerobatic contest in Miami in the 50's which preceded organized aerobatic contests that came later.

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