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FS AcroSport 1

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Aug 15, 2006
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Nashville, Michigan
Time to throw in the towel. I was diagnosed with blood cancer 15+ years ago. I have had 3 remissions and just fell out of the 3rd one.
Someone posted a few weeks ago about a friend finishing his build then dying of cancer. I decided I don’t want that to be me. I am 78 years old, time to revise my life.
I am going to sell my plane, tools, upgrade my camper, move out of the shop, spend some quality time with the love of my life and build a kayak or two just to keep my mind active, so;
I would like to see it completed and flown vs dropping the engine into an RV and scrapping the plane so I will let this ad set here for a bit
before posting to Barnstormers and Van’s.
Anyone interested please email me for specific info and photo’s at [email protected]

The particulars:
For sale, AcroSport 1. $30,000
The wings have been installed, rigged, removed and are ready for cover.
Engine is on the frame. The cowling is almost complete.
Needs firewall forward plumbing and all electric. (no holes in firewall)
Canopy needs final fitting and fairings made. Bubble has not been cut.
Smoke oil tank and pump installed with slobber pot ready to hang.
3-way fuel selector installed so smoke tank can easily be converted to fuel.
Lycoming 0-320 E2D with 879.7 total hours in log book. Complete overhaul done by 92nd West Aviation in 2020. Updated to 160 hp
pistons. It has set in my climate controlled shop since overhaul with dehydrator plugs and intakes sprayed and plugged.
New 10 row oil cooler - not mounted
New Van’s baffling kit - unopened
B&C 8 amp alternator - not mounted
Ray Allen electric elevator trim - installed
Haigh tailwheel - installed
Rotec TBI (see note below)
One electric E-Mag and one Slick mag
Wood Sterba 74/56 prop complete with spinner and back plate. (Seller lost the log book but said there were 600-625 hrs. on the prop ?)
Elevators have separate servo - trim tabs
Belts and harness installed
Panel complete (needs wiring)
Merlin Alpha Systems AOA system - installed
PC680 battery - installed
All flying / landing / roll and tail wires present and accounted for
YAESU FTA-450L panel mounted transceiver
Most of the covering materials plus a lot of misc. included.

The Rotec was purchased new by a forum member to install on a Pitts. He changed his mind and went with fuel injection. The Rotec was purchased by another forum member for his Pitts - - who also changed his mind and went injection. I purchased it for my AS1 and have since changed my mind and was going to go injection. I have a Bendix core that I was told at Osh ’22 they would allow $1000 exchange for a new unit.

4 photo's refusing to upload, I will try again later


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