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Fuel capacity


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Nov 13, 2007
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The plans give the dimensions of the main tank but I didn't see any capacity given. I bought a tank already built so I need to check the capacity. Anybody have an idea on the capacity / dimension relationship? As I understand it 20 and 26 seem to be the norm. If I have a 20 I will have to start looking to swap if someone has a 26 and wants a 20. Or make a 26.

I saw in a newsletter that was posted (thanks for the great resource!) that someone had done a center section tank. I already built my center section and I can't imagine how a tank would fit in with the drag/antidrag wires.

Lastly, on some skybolts I have seen a 5 gallon round tank below the main tank, just how would that work out for fuel feed? I will be using a fuel injection system, does that allow for a lower pick up point? I am also looking at the possibility of a 5 gallon or so tank between the main tank and the front hole panel.

I know it sounds like I am trying to pull a Lindburg here and stuff fuel into every corner. I am building this as a local and cross country plane and not as an acro machine so having a Cessna 172 like 4 hour fuel endurance would be desirable and I am trying to work in the 35 or so gallons to make that happen.


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