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Great Lakes 2T1A Project For Sale


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Mar 24, 2008
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Again, due to some financial and legal stress, in addition to my dad's beautiful PJ-260 Biplane (listed on Barnstormers and on this website), we also listing our Great Lakes 2T1A project for sale. We are starting at asking $25,000, but all REASONABLE offers will be considered at this point.

The fuselage is complete with seats, control sticks, control cables, rudder, vertical stabilizer, elevators and horizontal stabilizers, fuselage formers and side metal skin panels. I believe they are made out of .025, but are patterns to save you work if you make them out of .032 or .041.

Four wings are complete and ready to cover with some small clean-up work. Center Section Complete but no fuel tank for it. Complete ailerons and N-struts

We have a dynafocal engine mount for a Lycoming we can include if you choose to put a Lycoming on it.

Not included with this project, but also available--We have extra empennage available, as well as heavy duty (and heavy weight) steel fixtures for stamping every wing rib, the aileron ribs, and steel fixtures for landing gear legs, etc. Buy them all, or buy one or two to help ease your homebuilding schedule

Not included with this project but also available is some factory paperwork for a 2T1A with a Warner and some original blueprints.

Contact my father, Terry, for more information @ 314 ** 277 ** 0753 and leave a message if no answer (he doesn't answer unknown calls, so PLEASE leave a message for additional information) or email him with Subject "Great Lakes Project for Sale" at GTG15751 (at) yahoo.com

You can also email him any questions about the aforementioned PJ-260 Biplane for Sale, or our Ryan STA project that is for sale.

If you can't get ahold of my father, you can private message me or respond to this post with your information and I will forward it along to him. I'm working on getting some pictures.


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