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harness attachments


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Sep 15, 2006
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What's wrong with this picture? Specifically, the harness attachments. Our seats are adjustable so it doesn't really work well to attach to the seat frame. I came up with the harness attachments shown.


Notice the aileron actuating arm location? The pushrods want to pass straight through the harness ends. DOH!

The inside hole to the rear was to mount the secondary harness which should be put on first and sit higher than the primary belt. The forward hole is of course for the primary. They are made from .071 plate. As told to me by Allen Silver, the secondary harness is really there to keep you in your seat if you somehow unhook the primary while or before inverted. I don't believe it is so much to account for the destruction of the primary harness attachment in a crash. This was the lightest thing I could come up with. I thought it was a good idea.

Fortunately it was only tacked. Now we will have to cut the tacks, remove it and come up with something else. I have some ideas brewing but they will undoubtedly add a small amount of weight from this version. Bummer.


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