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Hartzell 2-blade composite Prop


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Jan 27, 2013
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I have a 2 Blade hartzell prop in Stock . Blades are C7690E Composite blades
newly overholed 2003. Prop is not used.

Want to sell it because of having a Mühlbauer MTV9 3-blade on my EAGLE.

Can anybody give me informations about pricing ?

Found a price in the Hartzell price-list with something about 20k ( per blade ?? ) ?
is that correct.



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May 18, 2012
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Hartzell prop prices are INSANE. I have to run one if I want a controllable prop on the Ranger...if there was any other option I'd do it. That said IF they don't put a CYA AD on it they have a decent prop. From my experience searching for a prop for mine about 50% of list is the unused or NOS price and less for used. I just have never seen a used prop like I need. Just depends on how much life the blades have left...hope that points you in the right direction, but I'd do some research on Barnstormers etc to see if any others are for sale and at what price point.

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