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Heinkel He51 pre WWII biplane project

Peter Garner

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Nov 3, 2008
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I started this project in 2005 with the ambition to replicate this aircraft as authentic as possible. In the following years I collected as much information as possible from all sorts of sources. So on paper we have reconstructed the wings and fuselage 100% accurately. I built the upper wingribs in 2007/08 and then started work on the fuselage. Only four tubes need to be attached to the nose before the tubulat framework is complete. Some of the fittings have been produced but they haven't been welded to the fuselage yet. All of the fittings have been designed however. The framework is only tacked together should some alterations needed to be carried out.
The wings of the He51 were made of pine which we also used for our ribs for which we used aerodux to glue them. Though we built a section of a spar for load testing, this hasn't been carried out yet. Like I said: the plans are there to build the complete wings and the fuselage framework.
The He 51 was powered with a 350 bhp BMW VI engine, but I guess an Allison would also do the job.
Due to health issues I have to give up my business and I won't have the financial means to continue on this.
Should anybody be interested in taking over this project drop me a line at [email protected]

The project has been supervised by an inspector from the German Civil Aviation authority and is located in Germany.

The nose area has progressed since this picture was taken:




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