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Hinge Bracket Destruction Testing


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Sep 13, 2006
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In another thread, I detailed how I deviated from plans for my aileron hinge bracket. I decided to use a threaded rod bearing, which required me to use a different thickness tubing.

While making my hinges, there was one that was just not up my standards....it wasn't straight and just didn't look right. So, I decided to make another and use the crooked one to test my weld, and my whole product.Out came the hammer.....

As you can see, my welds are pretty good, if I do say so myself...


So, I calmped it in a vice and started whacking it with a 48oz ball peen....and I bent it up good....


Since nothing broke yet, I kept on hitting it until something DID break...


WHat broke was the metal...the weld was still intact....Here's the opposite side of the above pic:


You can see a nice tear in the metal, but still no weld breakage. I beat this thing more...until I bent it all the way around to the opposite side...


And the only thing that gave on these was the base metal. remember, a 48oz hammer and enough wacks to tear down a brik wall and then some....no weld breakage. Here you can see the end result...a few more metal tears at the weld, but no weld breakage.


I will be comfortable flying on my hinges, that's for sure.
My suggestion is that others test some metal parts int he same manner they test glue joints. It's just a little bit of peace of mind.


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