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Hiperbipe for sale


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Aug 22, 2006
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South Jersey
I'm sure that anyone that has been looking for one of these has already spotted it. It's in PA.

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HIPERBIPE SNS-7 • FOR SALE TO GOOD HOME • Completed &amp; First Flown 7/5/2008 I believe this to be the Newest and Most Recently completed Hiperbipe ! It is Nicely Equiped inside and out ! Now has 100 Hrs T.T. and is Flying and Running Great ! The time will go up as I fly it weekly . Asking $49,000 If you are looking to own a Really nice Hiperbipe then come and look at mine .A Gizmo panel mount is included for your Garmin 196 thru 496 Handheld GPS. Lt click on my [specfication sheet ] for more information. • Contact Joe Ross, Owner - located New Brighton, PA USA • Telephone: 724-312-2540 . 724 891-0377 . 724-891-0377 • Posted May 7, 2010 • Display Specs Page • Display Inventory Page • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad • View Larger Pictures

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