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Honeywell Microswitches: Master and L/R mags (or for other things :) )


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May 3, 2013
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Central Texas

Have three new Honeywell microswitches that I ended up not using in my electrical rebuild...

There's nothing wrong with them; but I ended up not liking how locking was set up on them (for example, I wanted Master to be locked in the ON as well as OFF position, but with the one I had I could only lock it in the OFF position).

Here are the switches:

2TL1-10F - progressive, locked out in "OFF" position, ideal for a "master" switch (center position turns on your battery, full "up" turns on your alternator). New price ~$65


2TL1-5F - DPDT with springloaded "top" position, locked out in the full off position. New price ~$35

2TL1-1L - DPDT, locked out of the top position ~$55

Now, the last two were destined to be 2 switches controlling both mags and start. Here's the diagram:


Switch down: mag is off
Switch in the middle position: mag is on (ungrounded)

Right mag switch goes up: right mag turns off, 1/2 of the starter circuit complete
Left mag switch goes up: left mag stays on, starter circuit complete 100%

(remember, starting setup is "left mag on only, starter contactor powered")

These switches are premium milspec switches and are much less crunchy than typical "commercial" switches. Back sides are #6 ring terminals.
Honeywell microswitch specs (including full diagrams and part ## decoder): https://sensing.honeywell.com/honeywell-sensing-micro-switch-tl-toggle-product-sheet-005430.pdf

Now, to the price :) $75 for all three + shipping (Priority Mail - small box - whatever the going rate is today?)


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