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Hood River Antique Fly-In 2022

Dave Baxter

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Nov 14, 2007
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My son Dan and I flew our airplanes up Thursday and camped out till Sunday, there were not as many airplanes attending as in the past, the forecast for Saturday was for high winds that I think scared many off, but did not happen as advertised, but going home on Sunday the visibility sucked, maybe 5 miles or less in the gorge. Once Dan and I tuned into the Columbia River Gorge we lost sight of each other, me at 4500" and him 500' higher for separation. I only saw him twice but with the ADS-B we could see each other, and were easily separated. I landed first at Scappose with much better visibility of 8 miles or so according to the ASOS. We had a great time and the food at the Saturday night dinner was incredible and I should have pigged out even more. This is one of the first times in a long time I have talked with others about five people or more that either owned a Starduster or wanted to own one. For me as you know is what I live for and that was quite refreshing. Over the last half dozen years almost no one has, like in the old days shown any interest, in these airplanes except to comment as to their look and appeal, especially when two are painted the same and parked together at a show like this. Dave

Some pictures of many of the incredible airplanes that attended, including ours... I asked the guy with the polished Luscombe if they were building new airplanes as it looked like it was brand new Luscombe...They were also flying the Ford Trimotor a new airplane that the museum has acquired recently. They plan on giving rides with it as soon at all the paperwork is done. The Cessna 195 also looked like a new airplane.


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