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Dec 11, 2008
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OK, I've finally decided to look into insurance requirements, particularly experience, hours and time in type for my "dream plane". Probably the least fun topic I could bring up (sorry). It turns out that I'm nowhere near being able to insure a Pitts - even a low HP version. Not surprising.
Now the dilemma: in order to build a plane, I won't be able to build alot of time. To build alot of time, I won't be able to build the plane (time and money again!). So how are those of you who are low hour pilots (or at least low time tailwheel pilots) approaching this? Are certain biplanes insurable on lower time? Is the 'Bolt the answer again? Maybe a Hatz?
In keeping with my trying to keep a positive outlook on this development, this helps me to whittle down the list of possible selections.
I was hoping to get my tailwheel rating this spring/summer and then just maintain currency until first flight. Any other strategies?
Find a partnership in an economical taildragger? I don't think just running up hours in a 152/172 would help.


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