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IO-360 with prop FS


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Aug 10, 2011
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I just found out about this on Tuesday, and am passing it along to the group. I have no first hand knowledge about the engine, builder, etc, and no financial interest in this sale.

A gentleman who recently lost his medical has donated his Glasair to the local A&P school so that it could not go out in to the world as a liability to him.

The school is going to part it out.

The engine is an IO-360 with about 250 hours on it. I don't know which series it is, or who built it... but the plane is immaculate and very well put together. Wheelbarrow loads of money went into that plane build, and I assume into the engine as well.

The prop is a constant speed, but I do not know what make or model. Since the plane is on trike gear, the blades are short.

Here is the contact info for the school's Department Head:

Carl Washburn
Assistant Dean Transportation Division
Office (864) 422-1762
e-mail [email protected]

If anyone here buys it or inquires, please update this thread.

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