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Ive got the hump...


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Jan 1, 2006
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Austin, TX
This has to be the most stupid thing I have done in my build of 2.5 years...

Last week, I installed my tank in the upper wing and glued on the ply, closing the tank off forever (or so I thought). The next day, I went down to the hangar, full of excitement, because I knew I could remove the nailing strips from the ply, router trim, andstart fitting the very last item to complete the upper wing: thecenter bow and hand-hold which had been sitting patiently on the bench.

After nailing strip removal, I stood back to admire...then I noticed there was a slight bulge in the middle of the ply! I was hoping my eyes were deceiving me, but sure enough, laying a straight edge across the center bay confirmed I had a hump :-| should I leave it? I thought of the many future questions from people"what's that hump for?" and me answering "oh, it's aerodymanically proven that a hump in the center will manipulate airflow away from the pilot", but gave up on that thought and went to find my jigsaw, then realized, oops, there's a tank underneath - can't do that. So I got out the router with a bottom/side cutter and set the depth at <1/8.

Reluctantly,I started destroying my beautiful andexpensivematerial by rough cutting out a big rectangle, after the final pass I removed the improvised door I had just made, and staring at me, sat there on the tank, was a f*&%%%$g glass coffee jarlid :0|

I had used it to temporarilycover the filler inlet at one point, and it seems Istrategically placed it smack bang in the middle of the tank.



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