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Kiwiduster Starduster Too Build and Question thread UK


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Aug 11, 2021
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The long awaited build of my Starduster Too has finally started, but here in the UK. It all started around when i borrowed/stole a book called the Gold Duster, and i liked the look of the biplane so much i said to myself one day i'll build that. 20 years later I've finally committed to doing it. Starduster seem plentiful in the US but a lot rarer in the UK. Regulations are also different.

My order of progress which may help any builders in the UK;
Ive purchased the plans of the starduster too from aircraft spruce and signed/returned the licence agreement.
Ive joined the LAA (light aircraft association) and registered my intention of building the starduster (Its type accepted under permit to fly). In return i should get a project folder with build inspection record.
Ive contacted my local LAA inspector with my intentions and had a very useful chat.
Ive joined the biplane forum and read through the starduster thread topics. Lots of friendly help on here with Dave Baxter being the go-to guy as well as others.

So now that everything is official, i had to decide on where to start. Ive decided to start with the wings and in particular the centre section. So now the wait counts for the full wing kit purchased from aircraft spruce to arrive. It all appears to be special order on their site so unsure of the wait. It will give me plenty of time to digest the plans, build my wings table and generally get my garage setup. As always any tips/advice gratefully received as my build progresses.

First question is what can i expect in my wing kit from Aircraft Spruce?
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