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Lincoln Sport Homebuilt Project for Sale


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Jul 13, 2014
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A local builder has been working on a Lincoln Sport Biplane for years, but with advancing age (and the need to find a hangar for final assembly), he's looking to sell his project.

The Lincoln Sport was a small biplane that was actually in production during the '30s. Here's a shot of one in Wisconsin:

He says the fuselage and wings are complete, though there's still some work on the lower wing. It was designed for extremely low HP engines...he had a Continental A40 lined up for it, but traded it for a disassembled A65.

He gave me a target price of $7500 for the project and engine, but is willing to negotiate.

Myles Milner can be reached at 253-854-6855. The project is in Kent, Washington, just south of Seattle.

Ron Wanttaja

Larry Lyons

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Oct 1, 2012
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NW Illinois
That's cute, glad its so far away as I am thinking I may want another project next year. Love the classic years.



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Jul 15, 2011
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That sure is a cute little bugger.

I wonder if the 912UL 80hp would be too much engine for that? An A-65 is of course a solid reliable engine but the installed weight of the 912 is probably at least 50 pounds less.

Larry, when you get it home give that a thought.......;)

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