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Luftwaffe Symbols

Is it offensive?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Indifferent - it was a long time ago

  • No, it's relative to the paint scheme

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Jan 1, 2006
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Austin, TX
In another thread I was wanting opinions on a German war paint theme. The subject of the swastika and nazism came up. This observation never occured to me, since I look upon old Luftwaffe planes and theirpaint schemes complete with swastika as part ofaviation evolution, and nothing else.

However, I don't want to be showing off my lovely unusual paint job on a flight line at some show one day, where every other person who walks past raises their eyebrows...so I created this poll for some feedback. I would prefer to keep a swastika to reinforce the flavor of the paint scheme.

Afterall, I have often seen replica warbirds with the full paint job, including the ever popular Pearl Harbor re-enactment at TX airshows with Jap torpedo bombers covered in the Rising Sun...

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