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Lycoming O-2990 and other misc parts for sale.


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Jun 1, 2011
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Here's the deal. One of my hangar neighbors aquired a Speezio Tuholer project. It suffered a hard landing that bent the fuselage tubing in the landing gear attach area. After looking over the project, I pursuaded him to try to sell the project to asmall biplanebuilder rather than trying to fix it up. Here's what you'd get if you purchased Travis' Speezio. A Lycoming O-290G, wheels and brakes, a tailwheel assembly and spring, a pair of Scott heel brakes, basic VFR flight and engine instruments, some throttles, etc. It would go a long way toward getting a Hatz or similarproject going for not a lot of money. I'll try to find out how many hours on the engine. He didn't say and I forgot to ask.
For a mere $3500 you can have all of that good stuff to transfer toyour project, plus the pleasure of figuring out how to dispose of a Speezio carcass. If nothing else, you'd be helping put Travis out of his Speezio misery. If you've priced Scott heel brakes lately, they're worth 1/2 the asking price on their own!
Call me at 951-378-8980 or shoot me an email if you can't resist such an offer.

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