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Marty - Barnfind Pitts

Martin Hill

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Aug 7, 2019
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Yorktown, VA
I just entered into a partnership with a flying buddy who is pulling his S-1S out of the barn after 20 years of sitting. When he put it in the barn 20 years ago, the whole thing had been rebuilt within just a few years and there was all of about 65 hours on the motor. We pulled it out yesterday for the first time in 20 years just to take a look and have figured that either we'll get it in the air or sell it for parts.
As it sits now it's got:
-AEIO-360 with a cold-air indcuction and LW sump, 4-1 exhaust and an RSA-5 injector
-76" Metal Sensenich prop
-Bungee gear
-Reinforced Sparcraft wings
It also has:
-A thin flange crank and a old misground Superior cam
-Mouse turds and chewed lacing in the lower wings
-a weight problem, it tips the scales at 840#

Our plan, presented in order to be shot full of holes, is:
-Inspect and recover the lower wings
-Disassemble and inspect engine and rebuild it with a new cam, crank, rings, bearings, seals, etc.
-Replace bungees, tubes and tires, flop tube, overhaul wobble pump, overhaul RSA-5
-Put it on a diet by replacing old starter with a LW unit, B&C SD-8 alternator, and either an odysey or earth-x battery in place of the wheelchair unit currently installed.

Questions that we haven't answered that might change these plans:
-There's limited inspection holes in the upper wing; what we can see looks good but will put a borescope in there for extra measure. Is there a problem with cutting more inspection holes in the upper wing?
-We plan on moving the upper wing laying flat and the lower wings in an old Bingelis-type cradle and strapped down. Any other considerations to moving wings?
-I've got an A&P that will be honchoing the fabric work but he's never done a Pitts. Is it worth buying a set of plans from Aviat or good enough to rely on standard practices?

I've already answered a ton of questions by digging through the forums and I'm sure I'll have more.
/Marty Hill

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