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Mixing Oxy/Acet and TIG Welding

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Radial Skybolt Builder: 220.45% completed
Aug 21, 2006
Reaction score
South Jersey
As I think through some of the more complicated clusters on the 'bolt I wanted to know....

Can TIG welding be used on a cluster that has already been oxy/acet welded ? I am assuming that it can.

Say that I'm working on a cluster of 4 tubes and I can weld up three of the four without a problem. The forth, I'm unable to get the cluster pre-heated enough for a good weld.... can I have someone weld that forth tube with TIG ?

Or... should I have someone else heat that heat sink area with another flame to keep if from sucking up all the heat needed in the cluster? If so... can I use one of those propane torches ? It looks like propane's optimaltemperature is3500 degrees (correct me if I'm wrong.)

I know all welds are different... just wanted to get a feel for what I may or may not need to do.

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