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Need help with choices- yes its one of those posts


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May 7, 2009
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Ello, all. I need help. and Yes its the same question everyone else asks, but I will do so more thoughly.

First backround. I have built two aircraft before of wood, and I repair and rebuilt piper style tube and fabric aircraft as a hobby/ part-time buisness.
I am under 40 and over twenty. And have a very understanding wife. - and a minimum of expenses and debt.- SO which one to build Acrosport II, Starduster Too, acroduster or Skybolt.

I Must have two place,grass field useage, and be able to double as cross country- (some Light IFR ) and weekend acro aircraft.

I want to use 200hp or less for economy so 0-320 or 0-360. and want plus size pilots to fit ( greater than 170lbs anyway) so that I can give rides to full sixe adults.I want open cockpit or single canopy (covering two holes ) capabilty so I can switch it around if needed.

I do not plan on winning any competitions however, patty wagstaf lives nearby.. so I can try to get in the mood for some neat stuff.

What I know and think so far. ( right or wrong.) Starduster Too is bigger, little slower and less capable on the acro side, but may be better for travel. I know or understand very little on the acroduster so comments are welcome. Acrosport II seems to be ok all round and has the option of lower power, and is perhaps a good mid range compormise. Skybolt can run better outside with that airfoil and the delta wing three piece would be the best choice of it. - I could run high power if I hit the lottery and want a 540.

SO. ! If I was to use one plane for the useage above? which one.? I fully anticipate needing one as a good balance of travel, economy and acro ability, and if for some reason I get the bug to flip and fly professionally may need to build a second craft for hard air work.

to summ up.. skybolt seems a more serious acroplane than travel plane.

Starduster too is nice and big ( we like big planes!) and may not do an outside anything ever. ( as far as I can tell)

so the acrosport II or Acroduster may be the best midrange choice.

Please advise!!- there is only so much reserch a man can do before the brain melts.

I sincerely appreciate the experince and intent of this forum and look forward to being a member of the community. - also if you are in the north florida GA area, I will happily by fuel food and beers to get a ride the helps me decide.

Thank you all - Marshall.

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