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New Direction


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Sep 6, 2006
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Hey Gang,

As of Friday last I have a new direction. Company eliminated our jobs. YeeeHaaa! I decided not to go with the new one more to an already saturated market MRO, Ames (Airborne Maintenance and Engineering Services) or as we who no longer work there dubed it, A-mess.
My goal now is in very short order do the trip to Tennessee to add the IA rating to my A&P. Next, found out the State of Ohio will pay for my re-training. All sorts of funds avaliable to us displaced workers. So I've decided to get my welding certification. A 15 week course either with Hobart in Troy,Ohio or Lincoln Electric in Cleveland. Then the State of extremes, North Dakota at their job fair is hollering for workers. Have your CDL? We need truck drivers, have a CDL? There is oil in the north western part of the state many jobs for truckers, got your CDL? Well, if you don't have a CDL can you drive a stick shift?
In the past two days found out have a bunch of time to devote to the home projects. Nancy and I did a whole lot of weeding and planting. Next is to install the crown molding in the done over bedroom. Get to knock off the rust from my trig figuring. Hang the new window blind. Then ten more bags of mulch. Those bags sure are heavy when wet.
Took my 800 pound roll around tool box to the little hangar. Had to remove all the drawers to get the box unloaded from the truck. No fork lift at my hangar like there was at work. Found all sorts of spare parts squirled away in the drawers. I'll have no want of nuts, washers and AN caps and plugs for a while.
Then the plane project. Now I can devote the time needed to assembly the wings. Get the fuselage tacked up. This is going to be great. Just hated it when I had to stop the fun to go to work.
In the mean time there is a job offer in Kissimmee to think about. Little flight school. Added bennie of completing my flight training.
Just can't figure out why I still get up at 0408 in the AM. Later, Erich

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